Blog Post #3: Denier Mode

Since a large majority of the evidence for the existence of the Illuminati is based on speculation, evidence against it’s existence can be further speculated as a cover-up created by the Illuminati itself. Here however, are sources I’ve been able to find in attempts to debunk the Illuminati conspiracy:

  1. The Illuminati was initially started by a German philosopher named Adam Weishaupt who wanted to secretly discuss society and religion with his rich buddies. Because it was fairly anti-religion, a Duke decided to outlaw secret societies and said he would kill anyone who was in one, resulting in the disbandment of the Illuminati in 1787. There is no evidence that a secret society called the Illuminati existed after that point.
  2. This is an article about the psychology behind apophenia. Apophenia is the human brain’s ability to detect patterns in random information. This doesn’t specifically debunk the conspiracy theory of the Illuminati, but is relevant to the fact that all evidence to support the conspiracy is based off of detecting patterns and making assumptions. There was also a study done that suggests less educated people are more likely to believe conspiracy theories.
  3. This post outlines how a capitalist system is geared to serve a particular mindset and attitude towards life. Philosophically speaking, the ideal of capitalism can be used as a foundation to serve the Illuminati or at least, a class of people at the “very top”.

There doesn’t appear to be any evidence to support the conspiracy theory of the Illuminati apart from people seeing patterns that fuel their cognitive bias. Their also appears to be multiple theories concerning who the Illuminati actually are and what their goals are. These theories range from reptilian overlords to aliens to biblical interpretations. They intersect and can contradict one another, making me feel like I haven’t really achieved much in the pursuit of seeking truth. The evidence I’ve found that “debunks” these theories can be interpreted by Illuminati truthers as cover-ups orchestrated by the Illuminati themselves.

I don’t think the Illuminati exists on a literal level. I do think that people with great power and influence exist. I think the Illuminati is merely a symbol that represents these unknown forces of power and influence. The extent to which these individuals exert their power and influence over the masses may not ever be known.


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